It is almost time for your trip to the St. Maarten! As you prepare, please be aware of the new travel requirements and entry screening process for visiting the island. The ongoing pandemic causes frequent changes to entry requirements and testing guidelines, so be sure to check this page frequently leading up to your trip as it will be updated with new information as it becomes available.
Last Updated: August 25th, 2021

1. COVID 19 test

All travelers to St. Maarten will need to provide a rt-PCR test within 72 hrs. or Antigen test within 48 hrs. before departure. The rt-PCR and antigen test sample for the SARS-COV-2 virus must be obtained from naso-pharyngeal swab. Home covid-19 collection test kits will not be accepted. Children under the age of 10 are exempt from testing.

2. Pre-authorization application

In addition, all persons traveling to St. Maarten are required to fill out a mandatory health pre-authorization application through an Electronic Health Authorization System (EHAS).

The original test result needs to be uploaded as part of EHAS application procedure and must clearly specify the name of the laboratory or clinic, full name of test subject, type of test administered, name of antigen test, swab date, source of the swab, result date and a negative result. Non-compliant test results, handwritten or e-mail statements from doctors will not be accepted. Without the health pre-authorization boarding will not be possible. Be advised that processing time can take up to 12 hours.

3. Mandatory Insurance

The government of St. Maarten has implemented a mandatory COVID-19 insurance for all travelers. The insurance purchasing process is an integrated step in the EHAS application. Travelers requiring the COVID-19 insurance must complete this process upon application. For more information on and all questions related to the COVID-19 insurance please visit https://www.sxmprotectionplan.com/ or contact customer support at info@sxmprotectionplan.com.

All incoming passengers are subjected to temperature checks and other screening protocols and may be subjected to mandatory testing at their own expense. Failure to comply with the screening at the Health Check Point upon arrival will result in you not being cleared to enter St. Maarten and sent back to your originating country. If re-tested upon arrival you will be required to self-isolate or self-quarantine at your place of lodging/residence until the test results are known.

For more details and information on entry procedures and requirements, please visit the St. Maarten Tourist Board website.

Completion of pre-departure and arrival protocols is mandatory by the St. Maarten Government.  

Before returning to the USA effective immediately
, the United States requires that all air passengers entering the country will be required to provide a negative COVID-19 test prior to boarding their flight as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Many of our travel suppliers have made arrangements for on-site COVID-19 testing right at your hotel (view these travel supplier policies).

Reminder, if you do any COVID testing or seek any healthcare while abroad, please retain all receipts for insurance purposes.