It is almost time for your trip to Bermuda! As you prepare, please be aware of the new travel requirements and entry screening process for visiting the island. The ongoing pandemic causes frequent changes to entry requirements and testing guidelines, so be sure to check this page frequently leading up to your trip as it will be updated with new information as it becomes available.
Last Updated: Dec 9th, 2020

1. Complete the Online Bermuda Travel Authorization

All persons traveling to Bermuda are required to complete the online Bermuda travel authorization one to three days before departure. There is a cost of $75 per traveler for the travel authorization. The fee for travelers age 9 and younger is $30.

To complete the travel authorization, click here.  

2. Complete and Present a Negative PCR COVID-19 Test

Effective December 4, visitors must take a PCR COVID-19 test and obtain a negative result no more than five days before departure. The day of testing is day 0.

Upon arrival, travelers must show a copy of their Travel Authorization. If you do not have a printer, have ready a charged phone or tablet to show your Travel Authorization.Present a copy of the pre-departure COVID-19 negative test result taken no more than 5 days before departure. The day you test, is day 0. 

This applies to adults and children aged 10 and up. Children who are 9-years old and younger are exempt and are subject to their adult travel companion’s quarantine. Children 10-17 must receive parental consent to be tested. If consent is denied, the young traveler must quarantine for 14 days on arrival.

3. Get Tested by Bermuda Authorities Upon Arrival and Quarantine at Accommodation

All travelers must be tested by Bermuda authorities upon arrival at the airport and quarantine at their accommodation until results are ready (turnaround time is approximately 24 hours for most results, though results may take longer depending on arrival time).This applies to adults and children ages 10 and up. Children less than 10 years-old are exempt from the PCR COVID-19 test.

4. Purchase Insurance

Travelers must also purchase insurance that would cover COVID-19 should they fall ill while in Bermuda. Allianz offers travel insurance that covers COVID-19 related health/medical expenses for travelers from the U.S. 

5. Pack a Thermometer

Travelers are also required to pack a thermometer. They will need to take their temperature twice a day and submit results online. 

6. Take Multiple COVID Tests

Visitors will be required to take a COVID test on Day 48 and 14 of their stay in Bermuda.  

Compliance of pre-departure protocols is mandatory by the 
Government of Bermuda. 

We strongly encourage you to review these requirements so that you know what to expect. For more details and information on health screenings and testing requirements, please visit the Bermuda Tourism Authority website